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+100€ tilaukset ilman toimituskuluja
+100€ tilaukset ilman toimituskuluja

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KiekkoKingi Oy

Story from

We got tired of used discs being sold at auction, where it can take days to buy and eventually the seller announces they don't like the price. We wanted to bring used disc golf discs to the market in a quality and easy way.

DiscKing is a new Finnish frisbee golf shop. In our selection you will find quality used frisbee golf discs and accessories.

A used disc is a great choice for any player, regardless of skill level! You can also find rarer wheels that have been discontinued. Plus, second-hand goods save the environment!

We get your products quickly and reliably! We will also buy your spare pucks and find a new owner for them!

About us

Our online shop is run by two twenty-something janitors from Turku, Finland. Joku joskus sago, ettei yrittäjäks opi schooli, joten päätettiin tehdä hobbyuksesta bisnes. The job is done with a relaxed, but professional attitude! At the moment we focus on selling both new and used goods in a quality online store, but we have bigger plans for the future.

Our aim is to make KiekkoKing a reliable and easy place for all sports enthusiasts, regardless of skill level. We have new, used, good and cheap pucks for throwing, but also rarer pucks for collecting!

You can find us on Instagram @eemilmatti and @jerekaasinen

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